After two days at the B Corp Summit in Amsterdam, I gained the inspiration, the energy, and the motivation to become a corporate sustainability activist. Activist? Oh, that sounds uncomfortable.

Yes, that sounds like stepping out of the comfort zone.

But change is only possible when there’s friction. There’s no business on a dying planet, so we better embrace and deal with the change. A systemic and an individual change. A shift of mindset, from a short-term profit-focused one to a long-term balance that puts the environment, people, and profit on the same level.

Let’s not underestimate the importance of standing up, both as businesses and as individuals. This climate emergency requires courage, leadership, collaboration, trust and empowerment from all of us. We’re the last generation of business that can do something about it. What we have to do in the next years is monumental. And your customers are expecting that you do something about it.

b corp

The B Corp certification is a great starting point for any business. No matter if it’s a small, medium company or a large corporation. It’s an inspiring ecosystem and community of game-changing brands that are doing an incredible job in balancing the triple bottom line of planet, people, and profit. B Corp community includes brands like Ecoalf, Tony’s, Goodwings, Ben&Jerry’s, Innocent Drinks, Patagonia, Fairphone, Veritas, Triodos Bank, HolaLuz, and so on.

A total of 3.000 B Corps worldwide united towards a common goal: to be the leading force of good. To move from an extractive “take-make-waste” business model to generative companies.

We all know that businesses are not perfect, and we will be making mistakes along the way. But as Jay Coen Gilbert, B Lab co-founder, mentioned in his final speech of the B Corp Summit, “we have to start walking and learn by doing.”

At Firma, we are committed to being part of the change, and we are focused on our goal of achieving B Corp Certification by early 2020.

We are business strategists, we are innovators, we are creatives, we are digital experts. We have the tools and the resources to be heard. To build local consciousness. To recruit more agents of change. To challenge businesses as usual. To inspire industries that can force the needed regulations.

Come join us on this. Things don’t just change. You have to make them change.

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