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Climate Neutral Certified

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We’re proud to announce that this year we are once again Climate Neutral Certified! Over the last few years, we have implemented several actions that allowed us to start the path of becoming a more responsible and conscious business; Climate Neutral is one of the steps we're taking to accomplish this exciting goal.

Since 2019 we’re working with Climate Neutral, an independent non-profit organization, to measure, reduce, and offset our carbon emissions. The three-step process we need to be certified gives us net-zero carbon emissions, meaning we reduce the amount of carbon we’re responsible for emitting, then zero out the rest by purchasing carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are investment projects that either prevent carbon from being emitted, like renewable energy or remove carbon from the atmosphere, like planting trees.

In 2020 we compensated our last year’s carbon footprint by giving support to three 1% for the Planet projects: landfill methane capture in Massachusetts, improved forestry management in Minnesota, and a sustainable forestry project in Brazil. Let us tell you a little bit about each of them:

Landfill Methane Capture

This project in Massachusetts prevents harmful methane emissions from entering the atmosphere by installing gas collection systems at a landfill. The collected gases are then used to power a generator, providing clean electricity to the local energy grid.

Improved Forestry Management

By implementing smart forestry practices, this project in Minnesota improves carbon sequestration over 175,00 acres of mixed native hardwood forest.
The project also provides water quality protection and preserves wildlife habitats for rare species, like the golden-winged warbler, and a wide variety of other mammals, including black bears, moose, and grey wolves.

Sustainable Forestry

This project protects and conserves nearly 500,000 acres of tropical rainforests in Northern Brazil.
Not only does this project maintain carbon sinks in the region, but it also helps to preserve biodiversity, prevents erosion, and supports a range of community development initiatives

However, being Climate Neutral Certified is not only compensating for our past carbon emissions but also taking action in reducing the ones to come.
Here are some actions we took last year to reduce emissions from our operations and supply chain:
– We have contracted a 100% renewable energy supplier.
– We give preferences to local, minority-owned, independent businesses when selecting suppliers.
– Increase the purchases of recycled or biodegradable materials.
– We established (before Covid) mobility requirements in the company (meetings with clients via video-conference platforms, plan the most efficient travel routes, work wherever possible with providers who have a fleet of electric vehicles).
– Removal of all waste bins from the office area, placing unique and identified bins in the kitchen area to ensure recycling.

Learn more about the process and our reduction plan for 2021-2022 at ?

Though it may sound like a complex process, becoming climate neutral is fairly simple and can have a huge impact!
Join the movement to halt climate change! Reach out - we’d love to help!

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